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CLINET: Nahid on Kennery Project | Nahid Corp.

SERVICE SCOPE: Branding, Website Design, Marketing Collatral , Social Media Template.

Nahid Corp. is a development company that is committed to making a positive impact on the lives of its clients and the wider community. Since 2017, Nahid has been dedicated to creating safe, sustainable, and innovative homes that cater to the unique needs of its clients.

Our agency Virgule Corp. was proud to build a unique and representative brand for Nahid Corp’s successful ‘Nahid on Kennedy’ project in Scarborough, Ontario. Leveraging our expertise in digital branding and creative design, we created a cohesive brand that showcases the community’s diversity and truly represents its unique character and essence.


logo design task for Nahid Development Company involved using typography to create a stunning, strong, and clear logo that accurately represented the brand’s values and target audience. The typography was carefully selected based on factors such as legibility, style, and color, resulting in a modern and memorable logo that effectively communicated the brand’s message and visual identity. Also, we suggescolorful concept to showcase the diversity of the community, highlighting different opinions, nationalities, and ethnicities.

The Tagline

Nahid Corp’s tagline, “Living Better,” represents their commitment to creating safe, sustainable, and innovative homes that improve the lives of their clients and the community. The tagline encapsulates the essence of Nahid Corp’s mission and serves as a reminder that their homes are designed to help people live better lives.


The use of squares as a design element for the advertising concept was chosen to represent the frames of the windows in Nahid on Kennedy, offering a glimpse into the unique lives of the families and individuals who call it home. By using visual transitions to zoom in and out of each square, the advertising concept effectively captures the sense of a joyous and diverse community, highlighting a variety of lifestyles and special moments. This reinforces the theme of diversity and belonging, creating a sense of unity among the residents of Nahid on Kennedy. The square design element provides a cohesive and visually appealing way to showcase the community and its diverse inhabitants, creating a sense of warmth and inclusivity that is sure to resonate with the audience.

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