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Creative Services

Creativity. Vision. Passion.
The Formula for Brand Success.

Creative services and innovation are built into the Virgule ethic. And while we look to classic configurations for inspiration, we are never afraid to explore and experiment. This enables us to think outside of the box and come up with design solutions that reflect your unique voice.

Creative Services

Creativity. Vision. Passion.
The Formula for Brand Success.

Creative services and innovation are built into the Virgule ethic. And while we look to classic configurations for inspiration, we are never afraid to explore and experiment. This enables us to think outside of the box and come up with design solutions that reflect your unique voice.

01. Branding

More Than Just a Logo

01. Branding

More than just a logo

The logo is important; however, your brand is so much more than this. Your brand is the sum total of every single aspect or element of your business: the product or service, and the customer experiences associated with your offerings. These experiences encompass marketing, sales, and customer service, as well as the channels through which people gain access to your business, whether offline or online: your website, social media, office, stores or shops.

02. Brand Audit

We want to know what motivates you; what makes your business tick.

During the brand strategy phase, we’ll sit down with you and conduct a series of exercises that’ll give us a deep understanding and comprehensive knowledge of your business. This meeting will enable us to assist you in identifying your goals, mission, and priorities, and will help us determine the best market position you can take. More importantly, it will guide us throughout the branding process.

03. Brand Identity

Every brand
starts with a name.

If you haven’t found one for your company, we’ll help you find the perfect name with a brand story behind it. With the name you’ve chosen as the foundation for all succeeding creative work, we’ll come up with several logo concepts, Pantone, typography, and ideas until you find one that perfectly resonates with you. From there, we’ll help you set brand guidelines to keep all branding materials consistent, and even assist you in planning your brand launch if you wish.

When you come to us, whether it’s for rebranding or brand creation from the ground up, we’ll take our time getting to know you, as well as the ins and outs of your business. It’s the only way we can start speaking your language, and become your brand voice.

04. Website Design

Website and
User experience design

Your website is the most important part of your branding. Creating an engaging website with consistent design and excellent user experience will make you stand out from your competitors.

At virgule, we are always going through industry insights and audience research, and the latest design technology so that your website will be fantastic, easy to use and maximize your conversion rate.

Our experienced creative team will be with you from the very beginning until the end of your website project, making sure that your website is 100% responsive and mobile-friendly, and is not compromised and stays consistent the whole way through

05. Design Services


To keep all brand communication consistent, and to address all possible scenarios and requirements, you need to have a rich collection of design assets available. This way, your team member will have easy access to a comprehensive design arsenal that reflects what your brand is all about. They can use these design assets for every kind of branding situation, marketing campaign or need that arises.


Whether you are running a paid advertising, email marketing, social media, or any type of campaign, be sure to complement it with relevant creative consistence campaign collateral. We can create beautiful, animated HTMLL5 ads, information-packed, responsive landing pages to enhance your campaign, raise brand awareness and make you stand out from the great advertising landscape.

Social Media

Social Media Assets Ensure you always have curated material ready to fulfill the daily, weekly, or monthly requirements of your corporate social media calendar. We can provide you with a steady supply of branded images and content uniquely tailored to supplement your social media requirements following consistency design according to your brand guide.


Email marketing remains one of the most cost-efficient and high-performing marketing channels.

We design customized branded email templates that are not only attractive, responsive and functional but also feature content can be easily updated by your team should the need arise.

Online Banners

Promote your event or product, or simply direct customers to your store and ensure brand awareness and recall by making use of visually-arresting online banners. With your input and our creative execution, you’ll maximize the material and space you invest in and get favorable results.

E-Commerce Packaging

The way you package and label each product you produce speaks volumes about your brand and what it represents. Allow us to help you come up with not only eye-catching packaging design and labeling, but also help you choose sturdy, versatile packaging materials.


Whether you require a product guide or brochure for an upcoming product launch, or need a detailed corporate brochure you can give to your VIP clients, we can create these for you. You also have the option to choose between digital or printed brochures and guides, or both.

Get all essential interoffice stationery supplies branded, including your company letterhead, business cards, envelopes, and folder presentation. This way, you can ensure that all stationery that leaves your office carries your company name and contact details.

06. Production

Video Production

Consumers now demand that brands be visible across various digital channels. To effectively communicate your brand message, the use of video in every campaign is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Virgule delivers user-targeted and skillfully-crafted videos that speak your language.

Play Video

Video content is a key
ingredient of every successful
marketing campaign

Video is the most relatable, compelling, and impactful tool when it comes to branding, marketing, and advertising. Perfectly-crafted and executed video content has the power to capture, engage, and influence audience behaviour.


Your Virgule Video Production Team:

-Multi-nominated film production outfit
-Winner of three prestigious international awards
-Top-of-the-line in-house equipment
-The professional in-house post-production team

Photography – Powerful
Imagery to Convey Messages That
Words Cannot

Next to video, the use of photographs is an interesting and convincing way of communicating marketing messages. This is especially true if the nature of your business, service or product requires the fundamental use of photography.

Whether it’s coloured images you need, black and white, or something new entirely, you can trust us to approach each photography project with a critical eye. We’ll make use of light and shadow, contrast, colour, and form to produce memorable images. With Virgule, you get 100% reassurance that we’ll only be presenting your brand, products, and services in the best light.

Print Management

Flawless Print Quality
Every Single Time

Even with the popularity of digital media, certain printing needs remain. It could be fliers for your new product or branch, event posters, or a tastefully-crafted brochure for your top clients.

For your printing needs, we ensure excellent, true colour quality. We’ll also help you choose the right material for your project, and source the best printing press to do the job for you. This way, we are able to assist you with negotiations and get the best possible trade price for you while guaranteeing the best print quality.

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