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XAVIERAS, your premier luxury custom home builder in the heart of Toronto. We blend innovation, craftsmanship, and superior materials to create architectural masterpieces that embody the essence of opulence and sophistication. Our experienced team is dedicated to transforming dreams into extraordinary living spaces, built to reflect your unique vision and lifestyle. With years of experience, unparalleled attention to detail, and a tireless commitment to excellence, we curate exclusive, tailor-made homes that are not just structures, but symbols of timeless elegance and luxury.

Virgule Corp act as dedicated Digital marketing Project management for Xavieras and responsible to build strong digital brand and provide a result driven digital marketing services for their business. Our month-to-month digital marketing services including social media marketing, home builder website optimization, Search Engine Optimization, and capturing the right photo and video from their project. Our strong collaboration and teamwork with Advery Solutions for Home builder SEO and Meavita media production team give us a confidents to deliver higher quality services that worked for their business.


For a home builder like Xavieras, branding is the cornerstone. A brand is more than just a logo or a color palette—it’s a statement, an assurance of quality and prestige. We initiated a rebranding drive for Xavieras, focusing on typography that exudes confidence and a color scheme that resonates with luxury and professionalism. This visual refreshment does not just beautify but strategically positions Xavieras in the minds of prospects as a symbol of trust, sophistication, and elegance.


In the construction sphere of Toronto, a website acts as a silent salesman. It’s a potent tool that can define a brand, showcase expertise, and woo potential clients. For Xavieras, we crafted a website after intensive market research, incorporating detailed service and project pages that encapsulate the brand’s essence. Our content strategy, interspersed with carefully selected keywords, ensures that the site isn’t just informative, but also SEO-friendly.

Technical SEO Optimization

A seamless online experience is paramount. Our comprehensive technical SEO approach ensures Xavieras’ website is swift, user-friendly, and ranks commendably on search engines. By refining various technical aspects like speed and backend configurations, we have primed the website to fetch impressive metrics from Google.

Advanced Lead Generation Form

Conversion is king. Our advanced lead generation form, tailor-made for the construction business, is a nexus of utility and innovation. It is meticulously designed to gather pertinent data and funnel potential leads effectively. We consistently refine this segment, enhancing marketing automation and ensuring Xavieras never misses an opportunity.

Home Builder SEO

In collaboration with Advery Solutions, our goal is to cement Xavieras’ digital presence at the zenith of search engine rankings. Currently, Xavieras enjoys the limelight for several keywords in local SEO. Our vision is unwavering: to escalate this prominence and make Xavieras a ubiquitous name when luxury homes in Toronto are the topic of discussion.


Visual storytelling is pivotal. In tandem with Meavita Media, we immortalize Xavieras’ projects through captivating photos and videos. This content, beyond showcasing their prowess, serves as compelling marketing collateral, especially on social platforms. In an industry like construction, where work speaks louder than words, our high-definition imagery and videography ensure that Xavieras’ craft gets the limelight it deserves.


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