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Design for Festival

Tirgan Festival

Tirgan is a nonpartisan, non-religious, not for profit Canadian registered charity organization. It is committed to promoting cross-cultural dialogues between Iranian-Canadians and Iranians with the rest of the global community.  Tirgan aims to do so through its annual and biannually festivals and presentations.

We are always proud to be a Creative Graphic communication partner and support this amazing festival for (2017-2018-2019). 


During the last four years, we were able to establish a successful relationship with Tirgan festival as their design and marketing communication partner to promote their festivals and ticketed programs.

  • Strategy

    Creative, Branding

  • Design

    Mobile App Graphic Communication Ticketed Posters Billboard Galla Dinner Poster Ticket

  • Client

    Tirgan Festival

  • Design Print :

    Visitor guideline Programs Pamphlets Banners

Tirgan-Festival-Creative-design-branding UI-Mobile-App-Design-Tirgan-Festival tirgan-festival tirgan-festival-located-in-harbarfront-centre Tirgan-Festival Tirgan-Festival Tirgan-Festival Tirgan-Festival Tirgan-Festival tirgan-festival

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